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Short film | 13 minutes

Film London



A ghost story with a twist: Maura Jameson visits a deserted country house to perform a structural survey for the new estate agent. Upon finding a man hanging by his necktie in the foyer, she calls the police; during the fifteen-minute wait for their arrival, she experiences in nail-biting detail the events that led to the man's death.



Winner | Best Short Film - British Horror Awards 2010

Winner| Best Actress - British Horror Awards 2010

Nominated | Film London Best of Borough Awards 2010

Commended | Delta Film Award 2010

Critics Choice Circle | Fresh Film Fest Prague 2010

Birds Eye View ' Bloody Women' 2011

Abertoir Horror Film Festival 2011

Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival 2011

Viscera Film Festival 2011

Mayhem Horror Film Festival 2010

ScreamFest LA 2010

FD4W Film Festival 2010




Producer - David Denfield

Directors - Prano Bailey-Bond & Jennifer Eiss

Writer - Jennifer Eiss

DOP - Susanne Willett

Editor - Anne Perri




Maura Jameson - Marysia Kay

Jonathan - Rob Heanley

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